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Research Area
1. Nanomedicine for cancer therapy

     1) Theranostic nanoparticles based on magnetic core and self-assembled bioloymers

     2) pH, thermal and reducible biopolymers for doxorubicin delivery

     3) Single wall carbon nanotube based hyperthermia therapy for breast tumor

     4) Actively targeting drug livery system for breast tumor therapy


2. Hydrogel

    1) Mutlifunctional crosslinkers based hydrogel for tissue engineering

    2) Bio-inspired adhesives for tissue engineering

    3) Stiffness- tunable hydrogels for stem cell reguations

    4) Temperature sesitive hydrogels 

    5) Injectable hydrogels for regenerative medicine

    6) Theranostic hydrogels

3. Nanofibrous membrane

    1) Multifunctional nanofiber with multiple bioative drug delivery

   2) Paper Stack membrane to study the intreactions betwee cancer cells and stem cells 

    3) Antibacteria nanofbrous membrane 

4. Skin wound healing

    1) Diabetes skin ulcer wound dressing

    2) 3rd burn skin regegeneration

    3) Sliver nanoparticles for skin wound healing

5. Bone and cartilage repair

     1) Repair of large bone defects using hydrogels, nanomembranes and nanoparticles

     2) Reconstruction of cartilage using hydrogels based on natural polymers chitosan, alginate and nanoparticles


6. Delluarlized porcine SIS as matrix for tissue engineering


7. Smart materials

    1) light, thermal and moisture controlled micro/nano robot

   2) Bio-inspired motor

   3) Free-standing nanomembrane

6. Biocompatible conductive scaffolds for cardiovascular and neural repair


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